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We're happy to announce the release of our new CD "Heart In Outer Space"!

Demimode Slumber Party's new EP "Heart In Outer Space" is an adventurous romp that includes a B-movie broken-heart voyage into outer space, a chocoholic's semi-delusional plan to save the world, and an ode to a girl that really gets your energy up - or is she just an espresso-fueled hallucination? This EP is full of quirky fun that will bring a smile to your lips and a shake to your hips!

To hear all the songs on our new EP - and view the lyrics, go to: Heart In Outer Space

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Hi-Res Pictures (Click an image to download):

Photos: Thomas Rubick; Illustrations/Logos: Kim Lindquist

Demimonde Slumber Party
Demimonde Slumber Party

"Heart In Outer Space" CD Cover
Demimonde Slumber Party
Demimonde Slumber Party - Black and White
Green CD
"Green" CD
Demimonde Slumber Party Logo
Demimonde Slumber Party Logo

Listen to songs off the new CD using the player below.

<a href="">Jolene by Demimonde Slumber Party</a>